Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goodnight and God Bless

You may recall that a friend of mine passed away recently.  At that time, I was unable to put words to what I was feeling.  My friend, Chris, took his own life.  I have spent time looking at pictures of us all when we were young.  Our eyes held no knowledge of the difficulties that would pave the road ahead.  We believed in so many things; Truth, Honor, Justice, Beauty.  The loss of those ideals combined with the harsh realities of his world were more than Chris could bear and he made a choice that was both terrible and irrevocable.  Those of us who are left behind remain sad, confused and sometimes angry.

My memories of Chris are those shared by musicians.  Writing, playing, living in squalor, setting up and tearing down.  Unable to attend the funeral, a collection of photographs taken during happier times were sent to his mother.  A new song was composed.  The song was written and recorded on the same day.  The recording was made on the second take in a small room with only two people present.  Myself and a man who goes by the initials KJR and it was he who wrote the song.  Me, I'm on drums.  Upon playback, I realized that what had been written was a Lullaby.   

The guitar solo is there for a reason. Chris was a guitar player.  I had no time to think about where to put accents on the bell nor when to shimmer my cymbals.  This recording is as raw as the feelings that inspired it.  All artwork is original and was done by me.

You are welcome to leave comments, however the comments on this post will be moderated.  I will be busy on Thursday and may not have time to look at them until Friday. Take no offence.

And for my friend, Goodnight and God Bless


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I've Bagged Me First Troll

I've waited a long time to bag me first troll on Blogger.  I was beginning to worry that I'd never reach that day, the day we all live for, the day we'll never forget, the day of the troll attack.  One of the little darlings made its appearance on me page last week.  I was thrilled.

Now ya might be askin' yerself "Why in Gods name would she be thrilled about a troll showin' up on her page? Is she daft?"  "No, I'm not daft" I'd answer "Ya see, Trolls are good for business"  Let me explain.

One of the primary characteristics of a troll is the desperate need for attention.  After the troll leaves its comment, it feels an uncontrollable urge to visit your page every couple of minutes just to see if you've replied to it.  This drives up your pageviews. 

The people who read your page regularly often notice the troll attack and want to see how you're going to handle the situation.  So they monitor your page, further driving up your pageviews. Since this was my first attack, anticipation in Twitterland was high.  What would I do?  Eviscerate it or ignore it?

I played this one close to the vest, I tell ya.  I've been waiting for this glorious day for months so I was prepared.  I had a battle plan in my hip pocket. 

Now everyone knows what the troll is looking for. 

The troll wants to provoke you in order to get a response.  Trolls feed off of your irritation.  It makes 'em feel big.  So I gave it what it wanted.  I fed it with a nasty retort.  It did just what I expected it to do.  It came back lookin' for another feeding.  Now I know what yer thinkin'. It wasn't fair to play with the troll like that.  Everyone knows they're simple minded creatures and it's just not right to bait them.  Now, I'm tellin' ya that's not what I was doin'.  I needed a positive ID on this troll before I counted coup on it.

It takes a troll to properly identify a troll. So I sent for Guido, my pet troll.  Had him flown in first class from Ireland so he could get a good whiff of the bugger before I posted this blog.  When the troll returned to make its next comment, Guido was at my side.  "That's a feckin' troll" he said.  And that was all I needed. 

So what did I do? I blocked it and then deleted its comments.  But not until after I had captured and stored the image of its avi and its comment on my hard drive.  I treasure that troll and its comments.  Why, I'm sleeping with the printout of its face under me pillow.  And today, I'm feeding the troll by writing about it.  I'm not being cruel, I'm being kind.  I'm giving this little troll the attention it so desperately needs.  The trolls real identity will never be shared. That's safe with me, Toki and my pet troll, Guido. 

The folks in Twitterland know of my kindness to bots.  I collect them.  I welcome each new bot upon it's arrival with a familiar phrase.  "Welcome to my collection bot.  I hope you enjoy your brief stay."  Well, I'm doing the same thing with the trolls in Bloggerland.  I'm going to collect them.  When one shows up, I'll give it my standard welcome.  So this message is for you, my first and favorite troll.

"Welcome to my collection troll.  I hope you enjoy your brief stay"

Now we're layin' odds in Twitterland that this troll will return soon wearin' a different avi.  That's okay, Guido here will sniff him out.  He's already got the scent of him and says he smells tasty. 

I'm hoping that over time more trolls will come to visit my page.  When I collect enough of them, I plan on opening a Troll of Fame Page.  It'll be fantastic. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

A word about my blogging hours

I'm writing this to explain to the lovely folks I've come to know in Bloggerland what my normal schedule is.  I post my blogs and am on the Internet from about 03:00 hours to 0:600 hours General Meridian Time.  The rest of the time I am outdoors and am nowhere near a computer.  I also do not own a mobile.  Both of these things result in a delay in my responding to your comments and in reading your blogs in a timely fashion.  As I like to interact with Bloggers from as many countries as possible, our time schedules don't always sync up.  My delays in response time are never intended as an insult.  Those of you whom I have interacted with on a regular basis are a great source of pleasure to me and I value all of you. 


Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Message From Toki

After a hard day of blogging, Toki and I like to relax and become reader's of blogs.

Toki and I don't follow blogs, we read them/  After all that's what all of us in Bloggerland want. We want to be read.   Some of the blogs that Toki and I follow and read, do not follow us, and probably never will.  That's okay because we enjoy those blogs and know that we are not everyone's cuppa. 

Today, we'd like to tell you about two of the blogs we read every night before we go off to dreamland.  One of those blogs is done by a gent by the name of  Timothy Bowen aka The Lunatic Pope over at  Timothy is a man of many talents and interests.  In fact, he's got his hands into so many pies, I can barely keep up with him . And he do so love some K-pop.  He's a serious blogger dude. 

The oher blog we enjoy reading is done by a Hassidic Plumber from Brooklyn whom I refer to as "Rabbi"  You can find that particular gent over at  Now, the Rabbi keeps his earlocks to the ground, and if there's a strange story out there, he knows about it.  He's my go-to guy for stories to tell my friends every day. I almost/ always give the Rabbi credit when I pass these stories along.

You might be asking "Why in the hell is she going on about these two/"  and I would answer "Because individually they're funny.  Together, they're blow-pop-out-your nose funny."  Right now these two bearded bastards (term of endearment) are having a Haiku battle.  As they both sport fantabulous beards, we, their readers, are calling it "The Battle of the Beards" 

Round One of the Haiku Battle has just ended.  You can go read The Lunatic Popes Haiku's at  Pack a lunch, because he wrote a lot of Haiku's.  Like I said, he's a talented bastard.

The Hasidic Plumber's Haiku's can be read at  The Rabbi pulled out all the stops on his entries.  But is it enough to beat The Lunatic Pope?

That's the question we're all waiting to be answered. 

So get on over to read those two boys blogs.  Laughs guaranteed. 

Me and Toki, we gotta go vote.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ms. Aretha Franklin

Amid rumours of pancreatic cancer (which she denies) at age 69 Ms. Aretha Franklin is still singing, touring and being her most fabulous self.  Yesterday at the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Piano Competition, Aretha did something amazing.  During the competition, Ms. Franklin had her manager approach pianist Kris Bowers during a break in the competition. Aretha was impressed with his talent and hired him on the spot to be her new pianist.  The lad had not yet won the competition when she made him the offer.  Kris Bowers, a Julliard master pianist, did go on to win the competition. It was a good day for Kris Bowers. 

I can't pick a favorite song by Ms. Franklin, so I whittled it down to one.  "A Bridge Over Troubled Water"  Some things still weigh heavy on my heart.

And if you're not in too big a hurry today. Just sit a spell and listen.

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A little more highbrow perhaps?

I composed this piece in Spanish, as that is how it came to me. The syntax of the language, with poetry inherent, lent itself to the images I was trying to capture

I hold a doctoral degree in science and my area of specialty is wildlife biology and population genetics. This poem desribes the brutal, yet elegant relationship that exists between predator and prey animals. The evening before I wrote this poem, I saw a great horned owl take a rabbit. Enough said.


Atravieso este desierto de nieve,
dejando huellas de luz encharcada; mi
paso solo un susurro


como entre amantes,
Un aro de árboles se levanta


en súplica a una luna embaazada
hinchada con la noche,
Como si conjuado, tú apaecieses de
donde la necesidad aúlla:

¿Te inventé?
Memorizada, tu forma; perfección
passada, alma seca, como agua

te bebo,
El latido en tu garganta, su vibración
confunde mis sentidos,

más que por la distancia, por la
esencia, por el significado;

si pudiera ser tú.
Eres mi depradador, yo tu presa,

Tu carne,
El tiempo parpadea, una pausa, una
extensión de alas, el ave de rapiña asciende,

¡Corre! ¡Huye!

sensate perdida,
Una sinfonia de dolor, un crujir de hueso,
Un arranque de tendón;

agonia exquisita,
salvaje dolor,
Mi sangra besa la tiera,

una flor virgen

se abre roja contra una sábana blanca,
Carne en carne, la eternidad termina,

Por fin
me conces.

Translation from Spanish to English

I cross this desert snow, leaving
prints of puddled light; my passing
only a whisper
as between lovers.
A ring of trees stand,
in supplication to a moon, pregnant
swollen with night.

As if conjured, you appear from a place
of howling need;
Did I invent you?
Memorized, your form; perfection
perched, soul parched, like water
I drink you.
The pulse-beat at your throat, its
vibration confounds my senses.
by more than distance, by essence, by
I feel you.
You are my predator, I your prey,
your meat.
Time blinks, a pause, a spread of
wings, the raptor ascends.

Sanity misplaced.

A symphony of pain, a crushing of bone,
tearing of sinew;
exquisite agony,

savage ache.

Blood kisses the ground,

a virgin flower

blossoms red against a sheet of white
Flesh into flesh, eternities end

At last

as one.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shooting People

I know what yer thinkin' "Holy Christ, what's she done now? We knew she'd gone mad when she started postin' tits, but shooting people? Well that's just a bit too much."  Settle down ya bastards. I've been gone two days and in Bloggerland that's a helluva long time, so I needed something to get your attention. And you're here, so you might as well stick around to find out what I'm on about. 

What I'm on about is what the title says.....

Shooting people, but with a camera. NOT with a gun.  And I'm not talking about when they're posing. I'm talking about catching them unawares, in their own special niches, acting natural.  All of which involves a bit of skulking about till they forget you're there and oftentimes charm to prevent a severe ass-kicking when caught by one of 'em.

Now this is a biggun' here and he's ridin' a Harley.  Without considerable amounts of charm, I'd of been toast when he saw me taking the photo.  But he was nice and after showing him just how fabulous he looks on his bike, he agreed to let me use his picture. 

Gas stations are easy places to go to shoot photo's of people behaving as people do.  But one day I decided to go out hunting big game. 

So I went to a carnival in search of the always wary and often dangerous carney.  Carney's tend to have a heightened sense of awareness in regards to what is going on around them making it alsmost impossible to sneak up on 'em.

And some of 'em have spent time behind bars and can be dangerous if provoked.  So you want to shoot 'em from a distance, with a clear path of escape in mind.  They also tend to travel in pairs, with one standing sentinal for the other, making the challenge even greater. 

I popped off a lucky shot of this lad here before he spotted me. But I wanted to get a clear shot of his face, to see what life had done with him.  So I sought high ground across the street.

I could see two things from this photo. The first being that life had done some hard things to this lad.  Second, he was signalling to someone else on the street below.

It was this bloke on the street to the right of him.  I don't know what the signal meant, I only know the two of 'em worked the carnival together.

Night shooting of these folks is even more dangerous. If caught by the wrong person, you're likely to wind up hurting in an alley with no one the wiser.  See the gent in the back of the tent.  He's looking directly at me.  I was a good distance away and he still spotted me. 

He came over and asked me if I'd ever known a fifty-five year old man to be this limber. And then told me what he'd done with his life and why he didn't care a bit if I used his photo for this blog. He was a hoot.

Then he went back to his booth and worked some magic to make a sale.

It was a fun day for me. I got a great deal of shots of carney's, but not many would agree to allow me to post their photographs.  But at least none of 'em threatened to kick the shit out of me. 

All of the people pictured above agreed to have their photo's posted.

Also, when I use the term "shoot" I mean "take a picture". This is being made crystal clear because I on't have the kind of money that the boys of Judas Priest have.

One last thing before I go,,,,,

Michelle, Toki says prrrrrrrrrrr.  She's learning to play guitar and planning on taking up drums next.

All photographs have my signature embedded and are source traced directly to my camera. Copy, crop, paste and I'll take a photo of you in the shower "acting naturally"

Go ahead and comment. It's open season on this blog.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bridge of Sighs

Word of a friends passing reached me on Friday. Due to a prior commitment and distance of travel, I was unable to attend his funeral. Today, I'll be walking with ghosts.

Comments are closed.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Irish Takeaway 2 - Speak Irish For Me

If you follow me on twitter, then you know I'm abroad and you also know that when I'm abroad I miss home.  I promised to do a series called Irish Takeaway, each dealing with a different aspect of being Irish and being in another land. 

One of the most common things I'm asked is "Can you say something in Irish for me?"  This sounds like a simple question, but it's not. What I'm being asked to do is to speak the native language of Ireland, also known as Gaelic, Gaeilge, Gaeilig or Gaelainn.  

When I was growing up, Gaeilge was spoken in my home, but rarely outside of it.  The language was often associated with being "thick", rural and poor and was not used for everyday life.  In more recent years there has been a return of pride and a return to the use of the native language.  I'm being careful with my phrasing here because I could easily piss off one of my kinsman by using Gaeilge instead of Gaeilg or Gaelainn.  So, if one of you turns up at my page and wants to set me alight, don't.  It'll just piss me off.  I speak Gaeilge the way I heard it used around me.  I do not write nor read my own language.  It wasn't taught and I've been busy and I'll get around to it one day, so feck off.

For those of you who would ask me to "Speak Irish for me," here's a little of the native tongue of Ireland.

This was not how my mother spoke it and not like I speak it, but there's subtitles and that's why I chose it. 


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summertime - It's not over yet

There's been a bit of a cold snap that scheduled itself to arrive at the beginning of September, resulting in some fussing about when Autumn begins.  It begins on September 23rd for the Northern Hemisphere.  Yes, I know, September reminds you of when you were young and those first days of school, which in your. age addled minds your now associating with Autumn.   Well you're wrong.

Janis, tell 'em what time of year it still is.

It will get hot again soon. Give it a week.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just Look

Today I'm posting my photographs, sans verbiage.

Toki fell asleep before the final edit on this blog.  Shhh, me little shoulder-monkey is tired, don't wake her up.

All photographs have my signature embedded and are source traced directly to my camera.  Copy, crop, paste and I'll send a friend o' mine around to bite off yer nose.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Craig, ya owe me a fiver

Now, if you follow me on Twitter, every now and then you'll hear me talking to Craig Ferguson. 

I'll say "Craig, ya owe me a fiver." or  "You owe me a fiver ya bastard."  Now ya might be wondering "Why the hell does Craig owe Anne a fiver?"

In my younger days, I did a bit o' pub crawlin'.  Mainly with my best chum Sandy.  Now Sandy and I could play darts.  Workin' as a team we rarely lost.   Most of the time, the blokes would pay up if we had a bit o' dosh ridin' on the game.  But not this one bloke......

That one bloke looked a lot like Craig Ferguson. And he never paid up.

My husband keeps telling me "Christ woman, get over it, it was only a fiver and it probably wasn't Craig Ferguson anyway."

And if you think I'm listening to him, well, your about as thick as this piece o' wood here.

It's still buzzin' around in my head.  So I'll say it again,  "Craig, ya owe me a fiver, ya bastard"

The first three photographs were taken from the internet.  The last three are mine.

Those three photographs have my signature embedded and are source located to my camera.  Copy, crop, paste and you'll here my attorney sayin' "Ya owe Anne a fiver ya bastard."


Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm Irish and that's how it is

New to Blogger doesn't mean needy and it doesn't mean ignorant.  I'm here to have fun, not to create the illusion of popularity on my page.  If I'm following you at this moment, it's because I've vetted your page and like what you do.  So if yer into my particular brand of shite, you're welcome to play along and I'll play right back, but I'll play as yer equal or I'll not play at all. I'll not tippy toe around this issue.  You might be asking yerself "Why would she risk losing followers like this?"  And I would answer, "I'm Irish and that's how it is.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Show Me Yer Dogs

Welcome to the third and final installment of me and Toki's journey.  Today we will have coerced/blogged the wonderful folks at PEDIGREE Foundation into donating 60 pounds of food to dog shelters.  It has been a long, hard three days.  Toki and I would like to thank all of you who have visited and especially those who have taken the time to comment. 

And now on to the generous people and their lovely pets we met.  Fabulous people, every one of 'em.

Remember these wee lasses from yesterday?

This is their dog, Apollo.  Their mum was ever so nice to allow a stranger into her home to take a photograph.

And this lad, the one with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

This is him, playing with his dog, Diggum.  He looks a bit happier with his dog now doesn't he?

Do you recall this lovely gent from yesterday and how I said that he was the find of a lifetime?  Do you remember what I said about meeting his son?  How it was worth every blister on me feet?

This is his son, holding a white fox in his arms.  This bloke rehabilitates wild life and this fox is an entirely legal permanent resident at the rehabilitation center.  He does own a dog, but his wife had just taken the dog to the grocers with her.

The fox is named Timothy and is perfectly docile. I'll be keeping in touch with this bloke as we have much to talk about (I know you lot, and I know what yer thinkin'. check me profile page under occupation, that should save me reputation).

I know you remember this lass.  The one the camera loved so well.  This is her dog Riku.

How about the artist I introduced you to yesterday?  Remember I promised to show you the dog's she took me to meet?

These are the dog's I don't know the names of. 

This one looks ferocious here, but he's just doing his job, protecting the people he loves.

He gentled quickly after I sat down and talked softly to him.

This Golden Retriever barked a bit, but took one look at Toki and calmed right down.

This is the splendid woman from yesterday, whose Yorki has something in common with Toki.

This Yorki is a male and his name is Studley.  I fell for him right away.

And finally, this merry bunch who'd been dinkin' a wee bit o' "tea" on the porch.  I told ya they had a lot of dogs, remember?

From left to right, the dogs names are: Tawny, Bugle and Pippin.

This is Pippin' she's holding.  Pippin' looks a lot bigger from this perspective doesn't she?

Now, I will be spending the weekend making prints for all these people, going back to their homes and saying a huge Thank You for allowing me, Toki and our camera into their lives.  They were wonderful, every last one of 'em.

Now, time to thank Satia at Satia's Journal for posting the blog that was the impetus for this series.  You'll find her on my Blog's Around the World, stop in and give her a visit.

Me and Toki have done the final edit on this blog and it's time to spank this baby and put it to bed.

All photographs have my signature embedded and are source located directly to my camera.  Copy, crop, paste and you'll wake up with a Garden Gnome stickin' out yer arse.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Me and Toki hoofin' it fer the dogs

First off, me and Toki would like to thank those of you who left comments on our blog yesterday. Me little shoulder-monkey is sittin' here just a purrin' away at all of ya.  It meant a lot to us after the hard day we just put in.

What's going on is this. Toki and me are working on a three day series of blogs.  For every blog that is written that mentions PEDIGREE Foundation   20 pounds of dog food will be donated to a dog shelter.  If you didn't read our blog yesterday, please do so now.

Toki and me got up early and left our shitbag/ luxurious motel and headed West on Interstate 40 to the nearest town.

After driving a ways past some gorgeous farmland, we came to town and asked directions to the local park. 

Upon entering the park, this was the first thing we saw.  A dried-up river bed.  It seems this area has been experiencing a drought for two years.  I was about to give up, but Toki would have none of it.  Just then, we heard the sound of voices coming towards us.

These four lasses came traipsin' down the river bed laughing and making merry.  After introducing ourselves and explaining what we were doing, one of the girls rung her mum on the mobile.  "Mom, there's this photographer lady here in the park and she wants to take pictures...."  Christ on a crutch, but Toki and me were imaganing the worst. Police arrestin' us fer takin' pictures of children in a park.  We were wrong, these people were wonderful.  They invited me and Toki to their home to take a picture of their dog.

Now this is the part where ya just might get a little pissed off.  In today's blog, we're featuring pictures of the pet owners only.  You'll have to tune in tomorrow to see the owners paired with their animals.  'Twas Toki's idea (told ya she was fierce). 

Afterwards, me and Toki parked on a side street and began walking.  We saw this lad up in the distance lookin' like the weight of the world was on his shoulders.  In the yard beside him was a dog, so we made our introductions.  After takin' some pictures, the lad loosened up and told us some of his sorrows.  I won't share 'em here, but me and Toki like to think he felt a little better after we spent time just listening to him.

After walkin' a few blocks we came upon this lovely gent.  He was a rare find, he was.  Showed us the house he was born in (and I mean born in, no hospital's back then) and introduced us to his son.  The pictures that go with this gent and his son tomorrow were worth every blister on me feet.  I want to show 'em to ya real bad now, but Toki has put her paw down. 

All that talking was thirsty work, so Toki and I took a lunch break.  Now Toki is a fierce carnivore as I've been tryin' ta tell ya.  She likes her meat raw, she does.  I had a burger and Toki had Kitty chow.

After checking me makeup in the mirror, I pronounced myself fit ta travel and Toki and I headed East.

We drove to a small city nearby and when Toki saw these murals out the window, she ordered me to pull over.  This was the neighborhood she wanted to investigate.

We came upon this lass, walking her dog within blocks of this mural.  She's a beautiful girl and the camera loved her.  The lass wants to be an artist, she does.  She showed us some of her artwork, then took us to meet someone special....

The artist that had painted the mural we parked our car beside was out painting another one.  We were introduced all around and we asked the artist if she had any pets.  It turned out she didn't.  But she took us to some places where some dogs are kept outdoors while the owners work.  Those pictures are somewhat sad, but we'll be posting them.  Toki insisted on it.

A little ways down the road and we saw this splendid woman and her little dog sittin' outside.  I'll tell ya this much, the dog is a miniature Yorki, and will remind you in some ways of Toki herself.

We came upon this merry band as the sun was well past it's zenith.  I'm sayin' this, 'twasn't tea in those cups.  Well, these folks have a great lot o' dogs and we photographed 'em all.  Toki and I were offered grilled chicken, and we accepted the offer and chatted with these boys and their families. 


After determining which one the gents pictured above had consumed the least amount of "tea", I handed him the camera and he took this photo for you all. 

After takin' care of business, Toki and me drifted off to sleep. 

All photographs have my signature embedded and are source traced directly to my camera. Copy, crop, paste and I'll send Betty White out after ya.  She's fiercer than Toki she is.

Thanks to all of you who visited my blog yesterday. 

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