Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thank You Secret Santa!

Last week I received a gorgeous figure from my Secret Santa and I would like to thank that person for the time and the effort put into painting this most lovely figure.

The brushwork on this figure is clean, tidy and the highlights are just perfect. I learned a great deal from having a figure painted at this quality in my hands as I do not have an opportunity to see other peoples work in person. And would you just look at that base? It's gorgeous.

The Annual Secret Santa is sponsored by Ian at The Blog With No Name and I was pleased to be able to participate in this years event.

As far as the Challenge goes, I am on track. My Bonus Entry was completed on time and that was a huge relief. By the end of this month I plan on completing a small Western Vignette and my Villain for the next Bonus round.

Unlike the rest of the Wild Bunch, Christmas will not hamper my progress as the Hubby is to weak to make the trip to his parents house. So while you guys have pressies in your hands, I will have a brush in mine.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Boneyard the Death Knight and a Give Away

Although I did not post while I was in the grips of depression, I continued to paint. All together I painted seven figures, with five of them being for someone else. Several people have mentioned in recent comments that they miss seeing my work. So today, I'm posting one of the Stonehaven Gnomes I did.

This is Boneyard the Death Knight and is done in my typical style. The other figures I painted were done much differently. Rather than reflect the world as I would have it be, they reflected the world I live in. They are dark and they are grim. I will post those as filler during the Challenge.

Currently I am on course with my painting goals. My three figures for the Non Combatants themed entry are complete. I am doing them as a dio and work on the terrain has begun. The entry is Queen Guinevere riding a horse and her two heralds.

Was there something about a give away in the title? Yes, I believe there was. This give away is being done by my friend Dez from The Hollywood Spy. One winner will receive a $50.00 gift card from This is an American based company and entrants must reside within the United States.

I will most likely be late in getting in this morning as we have an appointments and I cannot get The Hubby into the car by myself so I have to hire a handicap van to pick us up. All of which adds a great deal of fuss and time to the outing. He will likely be exhausted on our return and after I get him settled, I'll be in to comment.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Saddle Up Boys!

It's time for the Wild Bunch to pick up their brushes and paint because this is the first day of the Analogue Hobbies 4th Annual Painting Challenge .

I wish all of the Challengers the best over the next three months and am looking forward to seeing all of your brushwork.

So saddle up boys, for today we ride!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Primed and Ready

This is my first time participating in The Analogue Hobbies Winter Painting Challenge and I must admit that with 5 days left, I'm getting a bit nervous. It seems audacious of me to think, after only painting for a year and a half,  that I have the right to play with the big boys. Although I am only in for 200 points, I must admit to being a bit nervous.

So am I ready? 

I have cleaned and primed about 3/4's of the figures I plan on painting. I have also mapped out palettes for all of my work.  As a fickle painter, I know that I am capable of changing my mind on a whim about what I'm in the mood to paint and I've allowed myself some room to do that. 

I also have some rather large figures on the table. The female Cloud Giant is the one I'm most excited about. My inspiration for the palette is the night sky. Her skin will be done in grey scale, her hair in midnight blue and her clothing in the colours of the Northern Lights. 

Half of my points will be from historical figures and the other half from fantasy and sci fi. I intend to complete four dios, six vignettes, some grouped singles and a unit of Vikings whose shields will be done free hand.  Further, I have dates set for the completion of almost every project. Only three bases have been built as I do not base my figures until they are complete.

There is one more critical thing yet to be done. And that is cooking. You see, I do not have a wife or girlfriend to cook for me while I paint.  Therefor to buy me time in the first week I am cooking and freezing, in advance,  a lasagna, a pot of chili, a pot of vegetable soup, 2 roast chickens, a turkey, a ham, a chocolate pie, an apple pie and a pumpkin pie. This should keep my tribe at bay for a week while I'm holed up in my room painting. 

The rest of my plan involves cleaning and sleeping. I have to go into this with a clean house and a rested body. Why so much planning for a mere 200 points? I'll tell you why. This is more figures than I paint in six months and I have never done a vignette, a dio, nor a big giant figure. 

I am prepared for the battle ahead and I wish all who participate the best of luck in the coming months.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fifteen Dead, Ten Injured

The BBC and Fox News reported early this morning the spontaneous deaths of fifteen people. Ten others were taken to casualty due to sudden bleeding from their eyes and one man lies in a coma.  In an unprecedented global investigation a common cause was found.

On the evening of December 3rd, Irishman Francis Lee posted a picture of this man on his blog.  It was a picture of Ray Rousell, a man so hideous  that the mere sight of  him can cause rats to flee in terror.

When asked why he did such a terrible thing Francis had this to say "I only meant to frighten people, not kill them. I mean, I worked with this fecker for years and I'm still alive." Mrs. Rousell was asked in an interview how she has managed to stay alive for so many years. Her response was "I had special contact lens made that filters out the worst of it. I really can't see him clearly, he's just a blur."

Charlie Fatbottom, Director of the World Health Organization had this to say, "We know what it is and we know how to deal with it. Our best scientists are working on a containment field to put around this Rousell character. For now the public has been warned to look away, just look away."

Now a word about Blogger. Most of us are aware now that blogs are not updating and that the problem is persistent. We really can't have this happening during the Challenge, so maybe if we all submit polite complaints we may get it resolved before December 15th.

For now, go forth and prime!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Uncertain Futures

There are times when a person can be beaten so badly and so repeatedly by life that they no longer have the strength or the will to get up.  I am in such a place and have been for some time now. The world is not a fair place, and I have had more than I can bear in one life time.

I had hoped to return to blogger to participate in the Painting Challenge, but I missed deadline and now find myself in no hurry to return to blogging. Although I have painted many figures in my absence and have acquired new techniques such as painting weathered metal, object source lighting, free hand and grey scale, I feel no desire to share my work.

Perhaps I will return in a few weeks if this depression lifts, but until then I prefer to keep to myself.

Thank you,

Monday, October 14, 2013

I'll Be Back for Halloween

I've been having loads of fun here recently but my real life is about to get pretty intense and I won't have time to spend on blogger.  Hopefully I will be back on or before Halloween.

I'd like to thank Paul and Marzio for participating in the Neapolitan Painting Challenge as I really enjoyed enticing two historical painters take a walk with me on the Darkside.  The Blonde won, but not by much and that was down to the lack of clothing more than to anything else.

Lastly I'd like to say Thank You to Kris from Wargames and Railroads for the gigantic box of Reaper BONES miniatures and brushes he sent me. I knew Kris was going to be sending me some BONES, but I didn't realize he was sending so many, nor did I know he was sending me some of the Reaper Giants.

This is the Female Cloud Giant and you have to see these figures next to a standard 28mm figure to get a feel for the scale.  

Well folks it's Autumn and we've got some time yet before the bitterness of Winter sets in. So have a good month and make the most of it. I know I will.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Griffith the Elk

As a youngling, Griffith despaired of finding his true calling as a Gnome. In his dreams, he saw himself as a warrior cleaving the heads from grinning Goblins and skewering Kobolds with arrows from a mighty bow.  As it turned out, Griffith was clumsy with a sword and downright dangerous with a bow.

One day while reading tea leaves, Griffith's gran saw his true calling. Griffith it seemed was born to be a Druid. He would use his Second Voice in battle to call the beasts and the trees of the Forrest to aid his people in the upcoming wars.

I have the next two Gnomes on the painting table and hope to have them done shortly. I have had several people ask me when Stonehaven will be making their Gnome collections available for sale. From what I understand they will be available sometime this month.  As soon as they are available I'll post a link to the store.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Neapolitan Painting Challenge

Age cannot wither her,
nor custom stale her infinite variety.
                                                                                   William Shakespeare

Arguably, the female form is the most beautiful in all of nature. It's curves have a softness that hide an unyielding strength and it's mysteries invite exploration. It is for this reason that I find so much pleasure in painting female sculpts. 

And it is the reason for today's painting duel. Three painters, three sculpts, three idealized beauties in the form of a redhead, a blonde and a brunette. 

A fiery redhead by Paul, from Paul's Bods

A blonde bombshell by myself, Anne O'Leary

A brunette Amazon by Marzio of Fog's Soldiers Blog UPDATED PIC TO SHOW FACE

And as this is a painting duel, we are asking that you all vote on your preference. Please understand that we have all competed before and have no difficulty in having our work critically analyzed. Further the three of us have been poking fun at one another over this for some time now and we'd like you all to have a spot of fun with us.

You will find the voting box in the top right side-bar, Voting will close at 12:00 a.m. GMT on Saturday, October 12th with the winner being announced on Monday, October 14th.  

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Aithne the Priestess

Aithne was born into a world filled with strife and bloodshed. When she was but a youngling, her village was attacked by a band of Kobolds and she looked on helplessly as members of her own family were slaughtered.  Others in took to the Sword to fight in the Kobold Wars, but fighting was not in Aithne's nature.

Aithne wisely knew that there was more than one way to fight against evil so she became a Priestess. For there was an evil that did not kill with a blade rather it killed by filling a Gnomes heart with hate. And so it was with Faith, that Aithne guarded the people of her village.

Aithne is from Stonehaven Miniatures and is the second of the Heroes of Sprocketshire collection. 

The stone that she's standing on was made from a small piece of garden mulch, the mushrooms I sculpted onto the head of a pin and the tall plant came from what used to be a stalk from my lavender bush (I dried it then painted it).  The flowered tufts come from Scenic Express and the leaves are from Secret Weapon.

Just to remind you all that the Neapolitan Painting Challenge begins on Monday October 7th. I look forward to being soundly trounced by my fellow painters Paul and Marzio and to finding out if gentlemen really do prefer blondes.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

And the Winners Are....

This has been loads of fun for me and I sincerely wish I had something to give to everyone who participated, but of course I cannot do that.

Bundle Number 1 and the Grand Prize goes to Clint from Anything But a One.

Bundle Number 2 goes to Paul at Paul's Bods.

Bundle Number 3 goes to Vonttschall, a gentleman from Texas.

Bundle Number 4 goes to Shogun, a member of Reaper Forums.

The winners need to contact me at onemadirishwoman at outlook dot com with their mailing addresses (convert this to normal email format, I just don't want loads of spam).

I may be a little late out of the starting gate today as I have an early appointment. Please bear with me as I will make the rounds by days end.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Miniature Bids and Building A Base

We've all bought and sold figures through evilBay eBay and if you've sold anything you've probably been disgusted at the fees they charge. These fees not only reduce the amount of profit earned by the seller, but also increases the cost to the buyer. eBay has gotten away with this because up until recently, it has been the only game in town. But those days are now over.  

Miniature Bids, an auction site dedicated solely to our hobby,  is now open for business and it charges NO FEES to the seller. That's right, no fees for listing, no fees for selling. To increase the visibility of your auctions you do have the option of purchasing advertising packages and these are reasonably priced. Their auction site can b found HERE

Last week I posted my Secret Agent Babe. She is from Reaper Miniatures and was sculpted by Jeff Grace.

I wanted to do a quick walk-through on the basing of this figure as it was custom built and also I thought it might be interesting to the non gamers who read this blog. 

One of the things I like most about her is the dynamic pose and I really wanted to enhance that when I did the basing. The best way to do that in my opinion was to elevate her and have her raised leg appear to be  hanging in mid-air. 

First I stacked three tiles that I picked up at the Hobby Lobby and glued them together, attaching the figure to the top.

I then covered that with  fine, buff ballast.

Next I gathered rocks in a variety of sizes from my backyard and glued them at varying heights around the tiling, This was covered in a mixture of fine buff ballast and medium brown ballast. 

The ballast was painted in Reaper Olive Green and highlighted with Reaper Turf Green mixed with white up to the highest points. The rocks were painted in Reaper Military Grey and highlighted with Reaper Ghost Linen while the recesses were darkened with Vallejo Black Ink. I used flower clumps from Scenic Express and Autumn Leaves from Secret Weapons to add colour and interest.

There are many things I love about this hobby and one of them is starting out with something that looks as crude as that and making it look like this.

And tomorrow she will find a new home when the winners of my Give Away are announced. 

As of this writing, there is still time for some of you to put a hex on Ray to prevent him from winning. That may not be necessary as the word on the street is that the Dice Gods abandoned Rousell in yesterdays game.  The little weasels luck may have finally run out.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thank You

I would like to say a sincere Thank You for your overwhelming support of my give away. Both myself and Pat Hatt are touched by your response.

The genesis of this give away began many months ago when I contacted Pat to commission him to do the Dettol Wars Video some of you saw over at Fran's place. Pat agreed to do the work, but he refused to allow me to pay him for it. Making that video cost him more money than did this give away, yet he gave of himself freely.  It was then that I offered to paint a figure to promote one of his books to compensate him in some way for his work.

We agreed that he would donate one copy of his book and I the figure and that would be it. Now Pat knows what you all mean to me and a few hours before going to post I got an email from him. "Anne, these are your people and I can't expect them to help me out like this, so I'm going to add a $50.00 gift certificate." I tried to explain to him that gamers don't need that, they help because it is in their nature to do so. He would hear nothing of it and so the give away is as stands.

Now the silly fool of a man still feels like he has taken more than he has been given. Would you please help me put his mind at ease by stopping briefly by his blog today and simply say "Hello Pat".  Perhaps then, he will feel, as I have come to feel, that he is an adopted member of our community.

Pat can be found at his blog It's Rhyme Time where he posts 365 days a year. Did I mention he's a workaholic?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Let the Double Triple Secret Give Away Begin!

Today is the day that more of Anne's Double Triple Secret Give is revealed. This thing is so secret even the NSA didn't know about it until last week when I wrote my first post about it. For those of you who haven't read that post, you can find it HERE.

Unbeknownst to all of you this Give Away is being done in conjunction with fellow blogger and writer Patrick Hatt and he is being very generous in his sponsorship of this event. Now onto the prizes!

Bundle Number One and the Grand Prize:

A $50.00 Amazon Gift Card

A copy of one of Mr. Hatt's Science Fiction Novels,

And to spice things up a bit, I custom painted a miniature to represent the main female character in the book. 

Sexy isn't she? And you want her, you know you do. But we're not stopping here folks, no we're not.

Along with all of the above I will include one Surprise unpainted figure. You will not know what that figure is until you receive it in the post. That's part of the Secret Give Away. I will tell you this though. The figure will be tailored to suit the winner. Now if you are not a gamer, I won't include the unpainted figure.

Bundle Number 2.

This Gallows from KunckleDuster

A package of six 28mm Working Men from Knuckleduster.

And finally two Secret unpainted figures. Again, these will be tailored to suit the interests of the winner and will remain secret until you receive them in the post.

Bundle Number 3.

The entire starter Trontek 29ers Dreadball Team, consisting of 8 figures.

Dark Elf Warrior from Dark Sword. Unpainted and still in blister pack.

Plus two unpainted secret figures tailored to suit the winners interests.

Bundle #4

My humble services as a painter. I will paint only 25-32mm figures full stop.  

You have two options. I will paint 5 figures at table-top quality or I will paint one figure at studio quality with a custom base.

The rules are as follows.

1. You DO NOT have to follow this blog to participate.
2. You can get a single entry by commenting on this post. Open ID has been enabled for this purpose. 
3. If you know me from a forum, you can PM me to enter.
4. Please indicate which item you are interested in. You can list more than one item, but cannot win more than one item.
5.  You can gain 5 bonus entries by doing a promo about this contest and including a link back to this post. Your link MUST include the following information about author Patrick Hatt.  
"This give away is being sponsored in part by author Patrick Hatt. You can find Mr. Hatt's Amazon Writers Page at"
6. Provide me a copy of your promo. You can do the promo on your Facebook, on Blogger, on a Forum or by any other reasonable creative means.

Winners will be announced on October 1st. You must visit that post to be notified of your winning.

Some folks have been busy this weekend by doing advanced promotions. Those people have earned bonus entries as a Thank You.

I want this to be fun so I will be giving additional, spontaneous chances to earn bonus entries later this week. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Yet another test

I've made the changes Pat suggested and I'm posting this from The Hubby's computer to see if that is fixing the problem.

Because we gamers and painters really do use our blogrolls, this horrid glitch is costing me over 1,000 page veiws a day.  Some gamers think I quit blogging.

I have to keep trying to solve this problem as it won't "just work itself out".


This is just a test post to see if I have been able to solve my problems with blogger updating my posts.

No need to comment.

Thank you.

My Blog Isn't Updating

I've  been having trouble over the past few weeks with my blog updating. I post and it will not show up on blogrolls or on the dashboard for 4-7 hours after I've published it. And when it does come up, it's buried underneath a mountain of other posts. It won't even show up on my blogroll or dashboard for many hours and when it does, I'm buried underneath all the blogs that have recently posted. Which means, I am never at the top of a blog roll. And blog rolls are the life blood of gamers.

This little glitch has cut my page views in half. I have to get this fixed before my Give Away on Monday and certainly before The Neapolitan Painting Challenge.

I've tried posting from different servers, logging out and logging back in and going back in, changing one small thing and the re-posting. Nothing works.

Does any one have the solution to this?

I'm posting now for the third time. I started doing this at 6:00 a.m. BST.

Anne's Double Triple Secret Giveaway

Before we talk about my Double Triple Secret Give Away, there are some people I need so say Thank You to first.  I've won several give aways recently and have also been the beneficiary of some kind gifts.

I won some lovely 28mm Harlequin Archers from Millsy at Canister & Grape and I recently won a 28mm Dwarf Lord by Scibor Dwarf from Mr.Lees Painting Emporium.

And in the post I recently received a gift from James at Exiles Wargames Painter. He sent me a painted Amy Pond figure along with a couple of Daleks.

After this windfall I thought to myself "Anne, it's time for you to do a Give Away to prevent people from lynching you give back a bit to the community." So that's when I came up with the idea for my Double Triple Secret Give Away which began last Thursday.  

Without your knowing it, some of you have already received bonus entries for the Extravaganza that will commence on Monday (that's what makes it Secret).  Anyone who left a comment on my Thursday and Friday posts last week, on the date of posting, has already earned a bonus entry for each comment they made. 

Further anyone who leaves a comment on today's post by the end of today, will receive another entry in the Give Away.  Yes, it's like pre-entering for a Give Away that hasn't happened yet. 

So what's on offer you ask? I won't be specific, but the Secret Agent Babe in the picture is a clue for one of the prizes. The prizes will not be single items, but will be gift bundles consisting of multiple items.

 The official Give Away will begin on Monday, September 23rd and there will be more opportunities for multiple entries for those interested. The rules will be given in that post as well.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Stonehaven Gnome

Gnomes are a reclusive race, shrouded in mystery and most of the races did not believe in their existence. Humans thought they were Hafling children, Haflings thought they were slender Dwarves (silly I know), and due to their pointy ears, Dwarves thought they were pygmy Elves.

Only the Elves it seemed knew of the true existence and nature of the Gnomes.

Despite their diminutive size, their love of the forest and their innate need to aid in the balance of nature, Gnomes can be fierce fighters. Gwen Wimslow chose to become a Paladin in order to protect her people from invasions by Kobolds and Goblins.

While Gwen sometimes takes comfort in the simplicity of life she prefers to spend her time crushing the skulls of Goblins.

Gwen is a Stonehaven Dwarf from the Heroes of Sprocketshire Collection. I've placed her beside a Dwarf from Reaper to indicate scale. In my opinion, the folks at Stonehaven have achieved the correct scale for the Gnome race.

She is one of five that I am doing on commission and I must say I am enjoying these little guys. This is the first time as a painter that I do not have creative control over the project and that is taking a little getting used to.

I'm considering doing a set of 6 Elf Archers for someone and that would be a real challenge for me as they are a unit and would require that I learn how to maintain uniformity of colour for all the clothing.

I also need to finish my Siren as she is for the Hubby. Time is running out for me here on blogger and I hope to have a more definite date for my leave taking towards the middle of next month. Please understand that while I am still physically here, my mind and my heart are increasingly elsewhere. I guess I feel a bit like Bilbo Baggins looking at the road and anxious to put my feet upon it and go.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Neapolitan Challenge and Commission Work

Yes folks, the bugs have  been ironed out and we now have a solid date for the Neapolitan Painting Challenge aka Blonde vs Brunette vs Redhead.

This Epic Painting Challenge of Enormous Proportions will take place on October 7th. Paul, Marzio and myself will be sure to post reminders between now and then as many painters and gamers are currently taking blogger breaks.

As I am known to be as rotten as the day is long a fair person, here are some pics of some equally gorgeous women.

At the moment my painting table is terribly crowded. I am working on a small commission project along with completing a figure that I have spent weeks working on for a friend (a non-gamer), so posting has been impossible recently.

I have several people to write thank you posts for and barring any unforeseen circumstances will do that this weekend.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Anne's Belated Blog Birthday!

The actual 2nd birthday of my blog was on June 22nd and as The Hubby was going through a bad patch, I was not in a celebratory mood. So today I've chosen to celebrate my blogs second birthday on a weekend when few people will be around, so as not to be much of a bother.

I have a rich fantasy life.

I debated on whether or not to even do a little celebration as it is so far past the actual date. But then I realized that it is unlikely that I will be around to mark a third anniversary and the decision was made to "do  a little something even if it's just for myself."

And as this is a Sunday and only 5 or 6 people will see this and there will be no notice of it, I can say that I will be leaving blogger eventually. This could happen by years end, or most likely early next year.  

There is nothing further that can be done to improve The Hubby's life. We are at the end of that road and therefor have no reason to remain here.  Financially there are some things that have to be worked out and when that happens, we will begin preparations for a move.  

But as there is still time yet, I want to continue to paint and have some fun here on blogger and to say Thank You to everyone who has visited my blog and made this a good experience for me over the last two years.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to Meet and Date Irish Men

Another post in Anne's Silly Blog Birthday Celebration Weekend Series.

My most popular post remains "So You Want to Meet an Irishman?" Over 2901 women have visited that page and continue to arrive at my blog daily, some of whom leave comments on that post. My two favourites are "My friend wants to have an Irish baby. Can you help her?" and "I'm not asking this for myself, I'm just doing research for a paper, but how can I meet and date Irish men?"

Well ladies today is your lucky day, because I, Anne O'Leary, a certified expert in Irish men am here to help. The best way to meet an Irish man is to go directly to the source-Ireland. Why the island is fair to clogged with them.  You can find them in grocers, at malls, in cinemas, in pubs, at restaurants and they can even be found strolling down the street.

"Anne, I've met an Irish man I'm interested in. Now what do I do?" you ask.  Well that's a complex question that requires a complicated answer. This blog is just too small to handle it. But don't worry! I can still help you.

With my book you can learn to catch and keep an Irish male. All of this can be yours for one low payment of  €50.00. VAT not included in price, shipping and handling extra, rush order delivery available upon request.  PayPal accepted.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Anne's Top 5 Chick Flicks

Currently there is a trend sweeping through the gaming community. People everywhere are listing Top Ten Movies in the monster genre. Well I thought I'd get in on the fun, but in my own unique way. Today I'm listing my top five favourite Chick Flicks.

Many of you men have always assumed these movies were for you. Well they're not. They are all Chick Flicks disguised as macho male movies.

Number 5 James Bond

James Bond. Hollywood began early in it's efforts to delude men by bringing 007 onto the big screen.  Yes, they threw in some scantily clad women for you, but no one gets more screen time than the always sexy James Bond.  

Number 4 Wolverine

Yes, men think this movie is for them and we women allow them to because by doing so we get what we really want. Hugh Jackman. Now if this movie was for men, they'd have picked someone like Nick Nolte to play the lead.
Number 3 Iron Man

Yes another movie based on a comic book hero from you men's childhood. The comic may have been for you, but the movies are for us. Robert Downey Jr. is dead sexy no matter what film he's in. This fact alone qualifies Iron Man for Chick Flick status.

Number 2 Thor

Chris Hemsworth. Chris Hemsworth in that sexy costume, Chris Hemsworth sweating, Chris Hemsworth without a shirt. Need I say more? No, this is a chick flick.

Number 1 300

Men around the world were deluded into thinking this movie was for them.  What gave them that idea, I will never know. Just look at this for Christ's sake. How could this not be a chick flick. Jaysus there's 300 half dressed, sexy men sweating on a really big screen. 

Did I mention that Gerard Butler plays the lead role?  Clearly God loved women on the day he created this man, making 300 the best Chick Flick in the history of film.

So next time your woman goes to the cinema to see an action film with you ask yourselves this question. "Do women find the lead actor sexy and does he take his shirt off?" If the answer is yes, you just might be going to see a Chick Flick.

This post is part of the belated celebration of my blogs second birthday, which will continue throughout the weekend. And truly these posts are designed to make me smile, so if you don't want to comment or read them, I will not be offended.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Painting a Siren-Tutorial, Part 2

Today I am going to cover painting the wings and the hair of the Siren from Harwood Hobbies. She was sculpted by Sebastian Archer and is from the Sinbad Collection.

I chose to do her wings using a variety of hues from the Coral family and to wet blend those hues out from the center of the wings to the tips.   As I do not own any Coral paint, I found it necessary to mix my own. 

All paints used are from Reaper.  I wanted to work with at least four shades of Coral in order to produce the desired effect. 

To obtain the darkest Coral I mixed Brilliant Red with Pure White to produce a medium pink. Next I added Fireball Orange to the resultant Pink to create my darkest Coral (first on far left).  In order to create a lighter and more true Coral, I added Saffron Yellow to my darkest Coral (second from left).  A lighter Coral was produced by adding Pure White (third from left) and the lightest shade was produced by adding more Pure White.

Highlighting still remains to be done on her wings.

If you recall, I wanted to do her hair in shades of green that would compliment the blue of her skin and be reminiscent of the green in my inspiration photos.  

I also wanted to produce gradients within the hair that would flow from one colour to another using wet blending.  

I began doing the hair going from dark to light.  I wanted Mint Green (first colour top row) to be the underlying colour, but it does have a strong blue bias.  In order to bring some of the green back into the mix, without losing the blue I added Bright Turquoise (second from left top row). To create my darkest hue that contained the strongest green, I added Forrest Green (far right). The resultant colour is in the bottom row on the far left.  I now had a base colour from which to work.

I applied the darkest colour to the underlayer of the hair in back to provide a strong contrast between the blue of the skin and the green of the hair.

I began making lighter versions of this green by progressively adding larger amounts of Saffron Yellow (third from left, top row).  to my darkest green.  For my lightest green I simply added Pure White until I came almost back to the Mint Green.  

The front of the hair is done with the lightest colour. For her pony tail, I simply blended the last three colours down and through the hair.

The next installment will deal with the basics of wet blending and colour theory. After that  we will move on to applying highlights and creating custom washes.

Once again a fellow blogger has reached a significant milestone and is gearing up for an Epic Giveaway.

At the moment, he is presenting teasers of what items might be included in his Give Away.  Day 1 can be found HERE.  

Well folks it's Thursday and the week is on a slow crawl to nowhere.  So pick up some lead, put a brush in your hand and pretend you have something to live for. I know I will.

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