Monday, October 14, 2013

I'll Be Back for Halloween

I've been having loads of fun here recently but my real life is about to get pretty intense and I won't have time to spend on blogger.  Hopefully I will be back on or before Halloween.

I'd like to thank Paul and Marzio for participating in the Neapolitan Painting Challenge as I really enjoyed enticing two historical painters take a walk with me on the Darkside.  The Blonde won, but not by much and that was down to the lack of clothing more than to anything else.

Lastly I'd like to say Thank You to Kris from Wargames and Railroads for the gigantic box of Reaper BONES miniatures and brushes he sent me. I knew Kris was going to be sending me some BONES, but I didn't realize he was sending so many, nor did I know he was sending me some of the Reaper Giants.

This is the Female Cloud Giant and you have to see these figures next to a standard 28mm figure to get a feel for the scale.  

Well folks it's Autumn and we've got some time yet before the bitterness of Winter sets in. So have a good month and make the most of it. I know I will.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Griffith the Elk

As a youngling, Griffith despaired of finding his true calling as a Gnome. In his dreams, he saw himself as a warrior cleaving the heads from grinning Goblins and skewering Kobolds with arrows from a mighty bow.  As it turned out, Griffith was clumsy with a sword and downright dangerous with a bow.

One day while reading tea leaves, Griffith's gran saw his true calling. Griffith it seemed was born to be a Druid. He would use his Second Voice in battle to call the beasts and the trees of the Forrest to aid his people in the upcoming wars.

I have the next two Gnomes on the painting table and hope to have them done shortly. I have had several people ask me when Stonehaven will be making their Gnome collections available for sale. From what I understand they will be available sometime this month.  As soon as they are available I'll post a link to the store.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Neapolitan Painting Challenge

Age cannot wither her,
nor custom stale her infinite variety.
                                                                                   William Shakespeare

Arguably, the female form is the most beautiful in all of nature. It's curves have a softness that hide an unyielding strength and it's mysteries invite exploration. It is for this reason that I find so much pleasure in painting female sculpts. 

And it is the reason for today's painting duel. Three painters, three sculpts, three idealized beauties in the form of a redhead, a blonde and a brunette. 

A fiery redhead by Paul, from Paul's Bods

A blonde bombshell by myself, Anne O'Leary

A brunette Amazon by Marzio of Fog's Soldiers Blog UPDATED PIC TO SHOW FACE

And as this is a painting duel, we are asking that you all vote on your preference. Please understand that we have all competed before and have no difficulty in having our work critically analyzed. Further the three of us have been poking fun at one another over this for some time now and we'd like you all to have a spot of fun with us.

You will find the voting box in the top right side-bar, Voting will close at 12:00 a.m. GMT on Saturday, October 12th with the winner being announced on Monday, October 14th.  

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Aithne the Priestess

Aithne was born into a world filled with strife and bloodshed. When she was but a youngling, her village was attacked by a band of Kobolds and she looked on helplessly as members of her own family were slaughtered.  Others in took to the Sword to fight in the Kobold Wars, but fighting was not in Aithne's nature.

Aithne wisely knew that there was more than one way to fight against evil so she became a Priestess. For there was an evil that did not kill with a blade rather it killed by filling a Gnomes heart with hate. And so it was with Faith, that Aithne guarded the people of her village.

Aithne is from Stonehaven Miniatures and is the second of the Heroes of Sprocketshire collection. 

The stone that she's standing on was made from a small piece of garden mulch, the mushrooms I sculpted onto the head of a pin and the tall plant came from what used to be a stalk from my lavender bush (I dried it then painted it).  The flowered tufts come from Scenic Express and the leaves are from Secret Weapon.

Just to remind you all that the Neapolitan Painting Challenge begins on Monday October 7th. I look forward to being soundly trounced by my fellow painters Paul and Marzio and to finding out if gentlemen really do prefer blondes.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

And the Winners Are....

This has been loads of fun for me and I sincerely wish I had something to give to everyone who participated, but of course I cannot do that.

Bundle Number 1 and the Grand Prize goes to Clint from Anything But a One.

Bundle Number 2 goes to Paul at Paul's Bods.

Bundle Number 3 goes to Vonttschall, a gentleman from Texas.

Bundle Number 4 goes to Shogun, a member of Reaper Forums.

The winners need to contact me at onemadirishwoman at outlook dot com with their mailing addresses (convert this to normal email format, I just don't want loads of spam).

I may be a little late out of the starting gate today as I have an early appointment. Please bear with me as I will make the rounds by days end.
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