Thursday, January 16, 2014

Evil Warrior vs The Unconcerned Kitten!

I've begun an exploration into painting weathered metals so this is very new to me. Also I rarely paint aggressive manly man figures preferring to express my feminine side when painting miniatures.

I've seen this figure painted many times, but I've never seen anyone do it with a kitten. This gives a common figure my own personal touch.

I am beginning to work in earnest on my freehand painting. I did this skeleton head on the shield as I felt it would compliment the heads on his clothes.

This is a 28mm heroic scale BONES figure from Reaper Miniatures.

What I like most about doing weathered metals is that in order to do them correctly you must be sloppy when building up the layers. And that set me free. Normally I spend a great deal of time trying to neatly build up 5-7 thin layers to get depth of colour and try very hard to keep things neat and tidy.

This is the second post in one week from me and I feel terribly guilty for asking people to visit my blog again so soon. But to offset this I won't be posting for another two weeks as we finally have running water again and I will be busy getting the house back in order. Also I am going to be doing a rather large diorama for my Heroes entry and I am already a little behind on it. My Vehicle entry is done except for basing and fine tuning my highlights.

Please understand if I am not in to comment next week.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Guinevere the Queen

Those of you who are participating in the Painting Challenge have seen this so it's old news. But many people may think that I've been doing nothing for the past month. Quite the opposite. I have painted 12 figures in 21 days and my normal average for that period is 3 figures. I am a very slow painter so for me this is like painting on cocaine.

These are 30mm figures from Thunderbolt Mountain and were sculpted by Tom Meier. The base is 4" X 4" and was scratch built by myself. With this work I did accomplished two things: I painted a mounted figure and did my first diorama. 

I did win 2nd place with this but was completely unaware of it until over a week later.  Whilst commenting on an entry by the Badger I noticed that I had a lot of new points so I sent Curt an email telling him there was a mistake and asked him to reduce my points back down to 76. He called me silly and gave me a link to the post where the winners were announced.  

As of this writing I am close to the 300 points I committed to and I hope to have an entry for each one of the Bonus Themes.  No, I have not become point hungry and I do not enjoy painting competitively. I want more points because we are also competing for the highest average per country. Ireland will most likely not win but I would like to spare us the shame of being dead last.

Okay there are too many words on this already and I can hear the sound of rapid scrolling to get to the end so I'll just say this.  If you have running water in your house, be thankful.

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